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BSIV Nursery and Farms is a name associated with excellence in the field of nursery supplying. We firmly believe that the solutions we provide should achieve a delicate balance between environmental sensitivity and the economic viability of the project

Our responsibility, therefore, is not merely to provide you with solutions for today, but solutions that will be effective, efficient and aesthetically pleasing even in times to come.

We are a production nursery supplying firm with containerized plants since 2008 also we do propagate all kinds of forestry seedlings. We have plants of very good quality at reasonable price.

Customers appreciate our unique ability to consolidate plants and deliver directly to a job site saving them time and money.

Our Mission:

BSIV Nursery and Farms will offer exceptional value to our customers by providing the highest quality plants and services available, at a favourable price. We will send our plants with enthusiasm, pride for our services and respect for our customers.

BSIV has specialized in the following products:

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